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Christopher Davis


Christopher Davis is an ex-pat who left the United States once it became clear to him that the country was headed down a very dark and disturbing path. Appalled by what he watched unfolding in 2016, Chris decided to use his writing background as a way to fight back.

Originally a poet and writer of shorts stories, Chris channeled his anger and rage into a singular story. He wrote a satirical novel asking what if things had turned out differently and the President had been removed by force to stop a possible second term and the destruction of the country as we knew it.  He has since gone on to write 16 other novels covering genres as diverse as YA, Adult Contemporary, Satire and an Erotic Romance set called The Black Widow series. Married with children and Pets, Chris lives a quiet and happy life in British Columbia.

  Natalie Davidson



Natalie Davidson is a passionate and daring author who dives into the realms of erotic romance, crafting stories that celebrate the resilience and strength of real women. Her novels break free from traditional norms, presenting main characters who are genuine, multifaceted women with a history of genuine struggles, instead of conforming to the stereotype of the cookie-cutter, skinny blonde model types often seen in the genre.


Natalie's writing style not only captivates readers with its sizzling chemistry and tantalizing plots but also empowers them through the authentic portrayal of diverse female experiences. With each page, she weaves a tapestry of sensuality, empowerment, and emotional depth, leaving a lasting impact on her readers.

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