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What kind of novel should i write?

So, how do you figure out what to write?

Write about what you know- What are you passionate about?  

Write about something you read or saw on television- Build a story similar to that

It can be fiction or if can be nonfiction- (Are you a guitar prodigy? Write about that!)

If it’s fiction what genres most interest you? (horror, thrillers, romance, mystery)


Once you have an idea, build on it. Create characters and build your story.

Have you experienced something big? Turn that into a novel (It’s called “own voice”)

Writing in point form or freeform? Some people plan their stories out in point form while others just make the story up as they go. 

I usually write freeform until at least the first half to three quarters of the novel is done. By then the characters are tell me where to go.

Now you’ve got an idea which means you can start writing. Learning the rules about writing a novel is not difficult. 

Here’s what you need to know:

Novel Formatting Rules

Times New Roman

Font Size 12

Double Spaced

Name/Title/Page Number at the Top of Every Page

Standard Page Size

Set Alignment to Left Justified

Indent All Paragraphs

Single Pace After Periods

Use Page Breaks (You Can Add Them As You Write or After. I Do It After the First Draft)

Use Word (Not Google Docs)

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